Feather Serve

Feather Serve is revolutionizing the way pool service companies do business.

As a company owner, you can keep track of employees (and can tell exactly what time they finish an appointment), easily manage customers and their pools & spas while effortlessly keeping track of a complete treatment history. FeatherServe allows you to add recurring appointments for customers while enabling you to add specific treatment instructions for a particular pool or pool type.

Employees of companies using Feather Serve will be given an intuitive interface from which they will be given a list of the day's appointments, GPS directions to each appointment, and specific treatment instructions (based on the type of pool the customer has) for the pool. We'll even tell you how much of a specific chemical needs to be added to ensure the pool is properly treated. This is all done while keeping full records so that customers can request information if they need to. Additionally, this logging allows companies to comply with regulation log checks required of commercial pools.

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